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Boho chic style has been thrown around in fashion a lot lately.  Boho stands for Bohemian which conveys a style and attitude that defines a free-spirited, independent frame of mind. The modern Bohemian girl is free spirited, adventurous, wears lightweight, loose-fit garments, lace staples, transparent fabrics, lots of crochet and sexy cuts. Bohemian style include flowing skirts, floral fabrics, bell bottom printed pants, tunic tops, and headscarves. Even though these trends are becoming increasingly popular in different part of the world, they aren’t something new. The “Bohemian” look is classy, easy to assemble and extremely comfortable. These pieces are often made from natural fabrics like linen, cotton, or wood. The boho chic pieces look sweet and harmonized.

There are lots of styles to inspire your boho chic outfit. If you want to be bold, then I recommend our maxi gowns made of lightweight and quality fabrics. These dresses are perfect whether you’re just hanging out with friends or on your way to a music concert. Check out the slouchy styles with lace inserts or crochet. You can use lots of accessories to look more bold and playful.

If you want to opt for something more creative, then you can try out the fringed vest. The boho capes are also lightweight and ideal for covering your shirts and tees. And for those that do not really like the maxi dresses, you will definitely fall in love with the maxi skirts. You can pair these skirts with cool fedoras and paisley print blouses.

If you’re thinking of mesh fabrics, then I recommend that you go for the cropped tank tops that can be paired with ripped cut-offs. However, if you desire the heavier layer, then try out the studded and sequined tops. When you decide to wear a simple dress, it's best to embellish it with cool accessories, like bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces.

A boho chic outfit will always stand out in a unique way, so if you are looking for a boho-chic style garment, a good place to start is to try out a peasant top. This top blouse generally comes in white color with lace embellishments and tiny sweet embroideries. There are different ways of styling peasant blouse, you can start out with a white peasant blouse tucked in suede skirt or opt for cropped tops paired with pencil skirts. You can even style the blouse with your office wear, by pairing your white trouser or peasant skirt with a billowy peasant top. Of course you can keep your style cool by adding mini shorts, gladiator sandals or flip-flops.

The most important thing is that you have the freedom to choose any style you want. But make sure you keep it trendy, eye-catchy, and glamorous. Peasant tops are the very definition of bohemian style, that's why you should keep it simple, casual and fun. Take a look at our stunning bohemian outfits and choose your favorites from our collection of boho dresses and more.


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